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“I came across the English country cottage style when I stayed in Yorkshire in the north of England. I wanted to replicate this quietly romantic style in some of the rooms at the Saint-Louis, with furniture made from peach pine, soft beds with wrought iron frames and chintzy materials. My memories of Yorkshire include its rugged countryside, a heavy grey sky, Emily Brontë’s novels… So completely unlike the hospitable feel of the Mediterranean coast, with its bright sky and Marcel Pagnol stories. And yet… the two regions are both welcoming and warming, in their own way.”  Yona Etienne – Director

  • on Street side BALCONY 106 €
  • Pour 1 ou 2 persons,
  • Large bed 160 Simmons Beautyrest Confort,
  • Air Conditioning,
  • Free Wifi,
  • LCD television,
  • Safe,
  • Radio for Ipod,
  • Bathroom
  • Hairdryer,
  • ecologic soap…